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Kerem Makina has been providing quality mold construction solutions for wheel manufacturers and suppliers for low and high pressure mold applications since 1974.

The production offers the global market innovative mold making solutions for complex applications with the investments made in research, process development and technology. Working with customers who are leaders in the automotive industry, Kerem Makina has superior experience in high and low pressure molds that prove our commitment to quality and service.

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Kerem Makine specializes in rim mold design, engineering and production. We have more experience than other tire mold manufacturer in Europe and Turkey and are among the world's leading supplier of trim moldings. We are committed to continually improving wheel mold processes and designs

Engineering Project

For us, every new project means a new production process. Our engineers perform the modeling..

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Using the most up-to-date programs, the necessary interventions are made to the product which has been subjected to casting..

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Information Security

In order to protect the produced information and technology;

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It has ISO 16949 certificate and competence which is important for the automotive industry.

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The finished product is measured with CMM device. The resulting data is compared with the design from the customer and zero..

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Product Identity

Every stage of the production organization is standardized and reported. Firm and pattern specific code is given..

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For us, every new project means a new production process.

Our engineers perform the modeling, design and analysis stages in the most accurate way during the project process.

We turn every project we take into high performance and durable molds with our strong relations with our customers, our experience in production, our engineers who are experts in rim mold and the latest programs.

The project team reports the entire process and a production ID for that product is generated, thus it enables faster and trouble-free production for new orders.

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To meet the needs and expectations of our customers;
We work with the principle of continuous improvement of our employees, continuous improvement of our manufacturing and mold works and development of our suppliers.

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